Text Your EX Back – How To Get Your Ex Back With Text Messages

Is it really possible to win your ex back? Many people all over the world have rekindled their lost relationships. However this in most cases is a milestone for many owing to the fact that two parties have their egos put forward. For this reason, many relationship experts have tried outlining some of the various methods or rather programs one can outline in making sure that the relationship is rekindled. For a relationship to get back on track, the most important thing to consider is having the faith to make things work. In most occasions, relationships do not work if the involved parties are not sure of what they want.

It is had to move after a breakup. The attractions towards the one you love grow bigger each and every day. This eventually tends to leads to the primary objective of winning back the one you love. The important desire to make up the relationship with your loved one is not enough. One has to use methods and techniques to reconcile the relationship. One way of reconciling is a use of text messages. One can use other methods but the truth is there are advantages and disadvantages. A break up can be very traumatizing for the two lovebirds. One can’t leave a relationship without knowing the reasons for the breakup which leads them to use methods of getting back together with their ex. However, Using of text messages can worsen the relationship, leading to being left for good.

Getting your ex back through text message has never been easy, the critical points to consider in this program include; time factor and the message should essentially be powerfully charged with an aim of rekindling the feelings which could be long dead. Time factor is one of the most important issues requires that one waits at least thirty days before texting his or her ex back. There is a controversy when texting back to your ex. Expert gives the bad assumption when you attempt to text back to your ex. In whatever situation one has to give time after a breakup, because one has to figure out what led to the breakup.The fact is, one can get his or her ex back by using text that is concise and thoughtful to him. Choose your words wisely when texting back to him or her. Choose general words. Apologies for what led to the breakup.

Why would one want to wait? By learning more about the psychological wires of an individual then one will understand the reason why time factor is most significant. It is never a guarantee that the text sent after the long wait maybe thirty days will be effective. The argument is that one party could have moved on regarding the time outlined between the point of break up and the point of reconciliation. The essence of having an emotionally triggered message is that the receiving party should be able to understand the reason and the importance of the very message.

Thirty day rule of getting yourself together

The key concepts of texting your ex back program is putting much importance on the fact that one does not have contact with the other for a period of thirty days. Put down that phone and listen to the advice herein!!

It is hard to avoid your ex, that is a fact, but it is one important thing to ensure. Through this one is supposed to ensure that keeping silent is a powerful tool. In essence, it allows both parties to consider what is actually important to them. This period can be referred to as the silent period. This is when the involved parties keep in mind that the required purpose of the silence is giving each other time to ponder on what they really want.

Through this, the parties will make sure that they are composed to the point where they will not heed to external pressures of the world which could, in turn, affect their relationship. One got to wait for thirty days. This is the bottom line. The breakup will still be fresh. The parties could still have flying emotions which could be deterrent to any meaningful engagement. At this point, the two are still fuming and they probably have nothing thoughtful to say.

For my case, I made a mistake of contacting my ex during the first thirty days, you know what happened? Both of us resuming blame games with seething anger. The reason could be that both were still hurt about the breakup. The wounds were still fresh. The reason why it backfired, we never had time to reconcile within ourselves to the extent that we were still not prepared to move forward and mend fences to make things work for the better. To this effect, we learned the hard way. For this reason, I could advice one not to make the mistake I did. The second chance at making things right should not be blown. So what should be done during the thirty days of contact?

Work on you

Taking time for oneself is more important than anything else. Taking time with you matters, because this period one gets to pamper himself. This time, get into shape, spent more time on your mental capacity and emotional well-being. Being at peace with oneself is more important. Get out, date other people. This will enable you to regain your confidence. Be awesome again.

To get the taste of the no contact rule is all about being amazing once more and for a fact getting to better understand oneself. The end product of working more for you is that it does not affect the very well-being of you.

What went wrong?

Now that you have worked on yourself, it is better to get back to the drawing board and analyses what went wrong. At this point, the dumped and the dumper starts making calls to understand what went wrong. The tough questions such as why did you break up with me – sincerely? At this point, both parties need to be brutally honest in that the factors which led to the breakup must be found. The dumped especially should be brutally honest about the questions asked.

Admitting to very significant and entangling facts is not a sin. It requires both parties to work through the process with utmost truth and honesty. The talking between the dumped and the dumper does not guarantee the couple to get back to each other. However, it outlines a better chance of winning and building a better relationship whether it is a former flame or new partner.

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