How to Talk to A Girl You Like

Do you recall that moment in high school where you had a crush on a girl, but you could not master courage to talk to her? Do you remember how many times you cursed yourself because the smooth lines that you had practiced all night would always escape whenever you wanted to ask her out?

Well, as you already know, things do not get better when you grow up. Starting a conversation with a girl you like does not require a cautious approach but also needs you to be confident. To attract her attention, try building a sense of intrigue about yourself and let her know about your intentions subtly. Your intentions should be clear as being too subtle can make you end up in the dreaded friends’ zone. For guys figuring out how to talk to a girl they like is not something simple.

The tips below will help you to know how you can approach a girl you like and have a fruitful conversation.

Make a Statement

Talking to girls is not that easy. Instead of boring the girl you are interested in questions, try coming up with a different approach such as making a statement. Besides getting the answer, you are looking for, making a statement makes a better first impression. When you get it wrong, she will be quick to correct you, and this may create an opportunity for you to have a more personal chat. On the other hand, if you are correct, it may impress her allowing you to build a good rapport quickly.

Be Yourself

One of the mistakes that most guys make is pretending to be someone else. Maybe this used to work in the 1950s, but the idea of pretending to be someone you are not for you to get the best girl no longer works. For a girl to like you must be yourself. If you are introvert, do not try to be extrovert. Furthermore, she likes you she will accept as you are. Compliment her Girls love it when they get compliments from other people. Knowing how to compliment her will make things easy for you. However, you should not overdo it as it can make her feel awkward. You can say something positive about her shoes or the way she dresses and as you continue chatting you can say something good about her hair or eyes.

Never Stare at Her Body

When talking to her, do not look at her chest suggestively or any other body part. She can easily hate you in case she catches you staring openly. To avoid this, always look at her face or directly into her eyes whenever you are talking to her.

Do Not Boast About Yourself

If there is something that can piss a girl is bragging or trying to make yourself look superior. Remember, you do not know where she comes from so there is no reason for building unnecessary castles about yourself in the air. Always be yourself, and if you are her type, she will like you too.

Don’t Ask Her Out Too Soon

Even if you had a pleasant conversation the first time you met, don’t be too quick to call for a date. Remember you have a lot to learn about each other, so you do not want to put her off by being too aggressive. Unlike men, a girl will start feeling comfortable around you after some conversation. Therefore, it is important to give her time to get to know you better.

Talk About General Topics

For the first 2-3 times you meet, you should try not to get too personal. You can talk about general topics such as the weather, your job, what you like doing in your free time, etc. I will give you an idea of what she likes. Desist from asking her personal questions as this may make her feel like you are invading her privacy. Additionally, even if you really like her, you should restrain yourself from going to places where she likes to hang out always. Doing so can also put her off as she will know that you are going there deliberately. The key here is to take things slow.

How to Talk to A Girl

Never Mention About Past Relationships

Unless you would want to send a girl away intentionally, never bring any topic about your past relationship. Mentioning your ex-girlfriend will make her feel inferior. Naturally, girls do not like competition so you should never talk about your ex or other girls.

Be Prepared For Next Time

After ensuring that she knows what kind of a person you are the first time, you should always be ready the next time you bump into each other. Let her know that you are the same person she knew and maintain your integrity and stance in everything you stand for. However, this does not mean that you have to be too rigid, instead be firm. Most girls like guys who are firm as it shows maturity.

Open up

Although you should never rush a woman into anything, you should always open up about your emotions, goals or insecurities. Despite the fact that most guys find it hard to talk about this during the first few days, you should not be afraid to do so. Never feel uncomfortable talking about yourself. In fact, this can help in deepening your conversation, and this may allow you to connect on an emotional level.

Build an emotional connection

Am sure that some of you may be wondering how they can go about creating an emotional connection with a girl they like. However, this is very simple. The best way to do this is to talk about best or worst things that have ever happened to you or talk about your childhood. If you find this too much intense, talk about your passion. Opening up and creating a good rapport with her assist in building trust and emotion connection, letting her open up also.

Be a good listener

Most girls love talking about themselves and can get easily bored if you always like talking about yourself. You should always be ready to listen to her regardless the topic she is into. You should expect that most of her interest will not be similar to yours, but this should not give you the excuse of not listening. Always remain attentive and be ready to answer any question.


Talking to a girl you like is very simple. You just know the right way to approach her and always make sure that your answers and intentions are honest. Remember, If you are serious about talking to girls, then you have to stay in her friend zone.

Now I believe that you won’t face any problem when you talk the girl you like or your crush. Let me know your opinion in the comment section below. I would love to reply to your comment.

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