How To Fix A Relationship

Healthy relationships are great sources of happiness and fulfillment in someone’s life. Sadly, relationships are not always happy. When in a relationship, having squabbles is normal. However, you need to know how to manage them effectively to avoid breakups or divorce. If you feel that your relationship is broken or not going in the right direction and you feel that you deserve to give each other a chance, then fixing it may help you to have a better relationship than the first.

Learning how to fix a relationship may not be simple as there are things that you may need to learn to avoid worsening the situation, but it can be learned. However, before trying to fix your relationship you need to make sure that you have enough time to think about getting back together. You should also think whether your efforts of fixing the relationship would be all worth it.

These TECHNIQUES can fix your RELATIONSHIP problems

When you learn how to repair a relationship you can easily rekindle the passion that you used to share. Besides, you will also learn how you can harness the love between you two. This will help you to maintain the re-established relationship. To assist you in fixing and managing your relationship, you should know the following techniques by heart.

Find out the mistakes that each one of you committed

The chances are that both of you contributed to your relationship failure. It is highly unlikely that only one partner was responsible for your woes. Therefore, the first thing you should do is to determine where each one of you went wrong. Note, the main reason to do this is not to point fingers but to know what you did wrong and be ready to accept your mistakes. You will also need to know how you can accept your spouse weaknesses and make the necessary adjustments to accommodate them. Instead of being critical, you should find innovative ways of complementing your partner.

Forgive and forget

This is hard for some of us, but it is the only way to survive a relationship. If you choose to forgive your spouse, you should do it wholeheartedly. One of the common mistakes that most couples do is to forgive and then keep reminding each other of the previous mistakes. If your partner does another mistake, try to solve the problem together and do not bring the past mistakes while dealing with the current one. Learn to forget the past and focus on the future. In fact, the true forgiveness comes when you are ready to forget the mistakes.

Learn to listen

Another main reason that contributes to relationship breakups is not listening to each other. If you really respect your partner, you should always be ready to listen. If you find out that you do most of the talking, and do not give your partner time to express what he/she feels your relationship is doomed to fail. However, if you start listening to what they have to say you will be surprised how easy your problems can be solved. Remember, every story has two sides. You may be busy picking a fight with your partner about an issue, which was a simple misunderstanding. Listening to each other will help you solve the problem instantly.

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Always give your partner time to voice out what they would want in a relationship. You should also talk about your differences, personality, and attitudes. When you communicate it will be easy to learn how you can mend the broken relationship and start all over again. You should also always be ready to compromise. A relationship should be based on a give and take basis. Never try to be always the one who would want to manipulate the relationship. When you control everything in the relationship, it will reach a time when your partner will get tired and give up.

Accept the truth and learn from your mistakes

As previously mentioned, a relationship should not be one way but rather a two-way thing. As much as you would want to make your partner happy, you should also know what you want and what makes you happy. Talk to your partner and make him/her understand what you need. By so doing you will understand each other better and strive on making each other happy. You should also be ready to learn from your mistakes and move on. Concentrating on who caused the breakup will do your relationship more harm than good. However, if you focus on solving the issues at hand, your relationship will be back to normal sooner than you expect. Additionally, this effort will help to strengthen the bond between you and be happy.

Keep the love alive

Although many individuals wouldn’t like to admit it, our sedentary way of life is making many relationships to fail. Being in a marriage/relationship is more than just work and raising a family. Relationships have to be more fun than that. Do you remember the times when you felt butterflies in your stomach each time you looked at each other? You should always try to recreate this feeling to keep your love alive.

However, if you commit yourself to work and raising a family, it will reach a time where you will feel exhausted. Always make time for yourself and have fun. You can do so by surprising your partner with a romantic getaway, playing house games like ping-pong, going for dinners and any adventure that your partner loves. By so doing, you will eliminate the boredom and want each other more.

Get attractive

Another problem that comes with marriage is that when we meet our dream partners, we tend to get comfortable and forget about how we look. However, if you would want your relationship to work, you need to get out of this comfort zone. Remember even though the relationships should be based on love, not appearance, it is important to remain attractive to the eyes of our partner.

This does not mean that as a man you need to remain in the gym all the time to look as you used to or for women to put on heavy makeup. However, a little effort will assure you that you have a partner that cares. A guy can make an effort of going to the gym several times a week to keep the shape, and a lady can wear a beautiful dress and light makeup just to impress her man.


Thinking of fixing your relationship simply means that you have a lot of respect and love for each other. Using the above methods will help you on how to repair a broken relationship regardless of your problems. Reflect on the things mentioned here and ask yourself how you have been to your partner. If you feel that you have been unfair, be ready to change and your love will bounce back instantly. Good luck!

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