How To Know If You Are In Love

Being in love is an exciting and almost magical experience. It is through this that we obtain partners and potentially life-long companions. The process of falling in love is in itself rather perplexing. When we meet new people, we do not realize that they may gradually become of immense value to us. Identifying the exact period when mere attraction metamorphosizes into love is not so simple. The distinction is not as clear-cut as night and day. Is it mere infatuation? Am I in love with him or her? We try to interpret every single happening to mean something, as insignificant as it may be.

The following signs are proven to be reliable and will show you how to know If you are in love.

1. You give them your time

Time is a precious resource for every individual. As we develop a feeling of fondness towards someone, we tend to want to spend more and more time with them. You may spend an entire day with this person, and still find yourself yearning for more. Moreso, you never consider it as ‘wasted time’. No matter how packed your schedule may be, you find yourself willing to slot in a lunch date or a movie. Making such compromises is a sure sign that you are falling in love with this person.

2. You can never get enough

Day to day interactions can be fatiguing. After spending hours with friends or colleagues, we may yearn for some solitude at the end of the day. With this person, however, it is never too much. After spending all day with this him or her, you find yourself more than ready to unwind at the end of the day with the same person. You no longer value your solitude as much as you did. The phone calls are particularly lengthy and you are never in a rush to hang up.

3. Maintaining communication is a priority for you

When we are in love, we find it difficult to keep that special someone out of our minds. We do not even bother to try to. In fact, we derive enjoyment from this engrossment. We strive to maintain communication. We long for that moment at the end of the day when we get a chance to call our loved one and simply find out how their day has been. In the course of the day, we freely take time off our busy schedules to keep in touch. When we love someone, maintaining this closeness becomes of utmost importance to us.

Am i in love with her

4. You are willing to change

Love makes us adjust certain aspects of ourselves. As you become more attached to a person, you may find yourself eager to let go of your bad habits. You simply want to become a better person. They deserve it. In addition, you may find yourself ready to participate in activities that you would otherwise not be caught dead engaging in. All of a sudden, you are a fan of her favorite comedy show or his favorite sport. Love makes us mimic certain aspects of our loved ones. Our shared interests make us feel closer to them.

5. You get jealous

With love comes a feeling of possessiveness. We feel that this person is special and of great value. We tend to experience overwhelming anxiety at the thought of losing such treasure to someone else. If you see your girlfriend laughing at another man’s jokes, for example, you suddenly feel a surge of emotions. It may become increasingly difficult to maintain focus on any other interaction or activity that you had been engaged in. This is one of the definite signs that you are in love with her.

6. You are not easily angered by this person

When we love someone, we perceive their shortcomings as trivial. It is not easy for them to offend us. When they err, we find ourselves more inclined to simply let it go. We accept that just like every other human being, they have their faults, but their value to us is not in the slightest way diminished by this.

7. You do not care what anyone else thinks

The person you choose to be with speaks volumes of who we are and what we want in life. Your social circle may not be particularly accepting of your new love interest. When you are in love, however, you simply do not care. You see the individuals faults and you accept them. You do not consider their flaws or quirks embarrassing. No matter how much criticism you receive from your friends and family, you are deeply reluctant to let go of what you have with them.

8. You value their happiness 

Being in love can bring out the best in us. When you love someone, you would go to great lengths to make them happy as this makes you happy too. Nothing you do for him or her is ever a chore. You derive enormous satisfaction from simply seeing a smile on the face. Love makes us selfless and perhaps altruistic. As cheesy as this may sound, you feel like you would literally jump in front of a bus for them. Such feelings are characteristic of love.

9. You make plans with them in mind

As we fall in love, we make a transition from leading a solo existence to being a potential partner. The more you care about a person, the more you want to involve them in your decisions. You picture a future with them. They match your description of a soulmate. From that moment when you fall in love, the choices you make must seem to be beneficial to both of you.

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10. You are comfortable around them

This is the distinction between love and infatuation. When we are infatuated, we are keen to portray a perfect and rather unrealistic image of ourselves. We worry that showing our true nature may not be as attractive to them as we would like. We edit ourselves. On the other hand, when we fall in love with someone, we are not afraid to be our true selves around them. We allow ourselves to be vulnerable and connect on a deeper level with people. We are willing to take the risk and simply be who we truly are.

If you come to realize that indeed, you are truly in love, then consider yourself lucky and blessed to experience this magical feeling. If not, take time to enjoy the journey to love. With time, things become clearer and emotions crystallize. Love will come at the right time. All you need is to be patient and keep an eye out for the signs that it may already be here.

I believe now you can easily find If you are in love by using those proven signs. Thank you very much for reading this whole article. Now let me know your thoughts & opinions by comment below because I would love to reply you back. Keep reading and motivate us to share a lot more things.

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