How to Make Your Ex Want You Back – 4 Unbelievable Tricks

Despite the general belief, most relationships do not end because of a hot, exotic French exchange student. They end because of miscommunication. You two needed to talk it up but didn’t and now you’re stacking up on your Ben &Jerry’s (the two men who will always remain loyal) while thinking about the one who got away. Well, listen, you aren’t doing anyone a favour, especially yourself, by crying all day and consuming nauseating amounts of chocolate. You need to pick up yourself and dust yourself off. You will win him back, but there is one condition. You cannot have direct contact with him. You don’t want to rub off as desperate. He has to need you by himself. For this, we have come up with a game plan which will surely have him begging on his knees. It is game time, ladies. Here’s how to make your ex want you back.

How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

Just follow these four unbelievable tricks and you won’t be unhappy with your Ex. Because If you apply this or know this then you will always able to make your Ex want you back.

Step 1: No contact rule

Around 80% of the people who are making desperate attempts to win over their ex make a huge mistake to text and call them. Like I had previously stated, you don’t want to come off as desperate. Don’t think a text or a call once in a while won’t hurt anyone; it WILL hurt you. Plus, men love mystery. It’s what draws them to you. Retain your mystery and dignity by not contacting him. Make him think about what you’re doing and how your life is. Let you be the road he wants to take to embark on a journey.

Step 2: Befriend his friend

Just because you can’t have direct contact with him does not mean you won’t have a way of communicating how great you are to him. Usually, couples end up blocking each other on social media after a bad breakup, so if you’re thinking he is not seeing how much you have been sun kissed in your new Instagram picture, he has either blocked you or un-followed you. Make his friend your friend, explain to them how much you regret how things went south, make them sympathise with you. They will do their part by conveying the message, making your ex think of you differently. Just remember not to make his friends hate you because if they like you, you’re half way done.

Step 3: Keep yourself happy

It is imperative that you focus on yourself. Your health, lifestyle, and physical and psychological well-being are necessary. You need to stop lying on the couch, bawling your eyes out on romantic comedies while scooping down gallons of ice cream. You need to take all of your negative energy and convert it into something positive like doing lunges and squats for that booty. Surround yourself with good friends who will be with you through thick and thin.

Become the sexiest version of yourself not for him but for yourself and your self-esteem. It will make you love yourself more and make him regret that the relationship ended. Focus on your inner beauty as well. Start working for those who are less fortunate. It will change your as well as his perception. He will see you as this loving and caring figure, which will draw him even closer to you.

Step 4: Try to grab his attention in subtle ways

Remember his favourite colour? Wear it the next time you guys have a possibility of bumping into each other. He liked how your honeycomb highlights danced in the wind? Wear your hair down. Whenever he sees you, make sure you are having a good time or laughing about with your friends, but also remember that you become less approachable in groups so that he sees you alone and come up to you to talk to you.

Casual flirting, unprecedented laughter, and physical contact with another man would make him go nuts and he would think that you are up for new romantic possibilities, increasing the chances of a reunion.

Final Verdict – How to Make Your Ex Want You Back

These are some ways in which your ex can come crawling back to you, but remember you need to carefully assess your ex’s character and make a move or plan a reunion accordingly. For example, if he is an extremely jealous type, he could lose his cool with you and maybe the white wedding dress you have picked out would be worn by the French exchange student.

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