How to Make Your Ex Miss You After Your Break Up?

Break up??? This is the common thing happens these days and both boys and girls most commonly asked the same question how can I get my ex to miss me after the breakup. There is no matter who dumped who, boy or girl wanting their ex to miss them. So let’s go and learn something special on how to make your ex miss you after your break up.

There are two reasons behind in this question; one is want to make ex to miss and get back to live rest of life and another one is revenge. If your boyfriend or girlfriend dumped you, then you will hurt, feel unhappy and miss them. This is natural, but if you want to make your ex miss you for revenge motivation, then it’s a bad idea.

If you want your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend miss you after your break up and want to get back together, then definitely you came to the right place. The first thing that you need to do is leave a little mystery and then share something new and fun parts happened in your life when she or he contacting you.

How to Make Your Ex Miss You

Steps On How to Make Your Ex Miss You

Some simple steps help you to make your ex miss you after a breakup. Below, I’m going to give you those simple steps to get back your ex and to live together.

Step 1: Give some time to your ex

At the start of break up, your ex thought that you will text and contact him or her. But, if you don’t do this and give some time, then he/she started to search why you didn’t contact him/her. It is the very first effective way to make your ex thinking about you and to initiate him/her to communicate with you.

Step 2: Leave your place

To control your emotions and don’t call to your ex, it’s better to take some vacation and leave your home. It will make some distance between you and your ex.

Step 3: Make new friends

Making new friends will help you to get confident and it as well as grow your social life. So, you can show your ex that you can develop a social life without him/her.

Step 4: Take new dating

Now, you’re free to go out any dates, so accept or make a date with any girl/boy. Additionally, this will make your ex miss you very soon and so much then they expect.

Step 5: Create new hobby and focus on your health

Don’t always think about your ex, feel free and create some new hobbies to forget your past. At the same time, give more attention to your health. Take healthy foods and exercises which make you feel better and get a better look.

Step 6: Change to new look

Just try different costumes, haircut and dressing styles. This will make you feel confident, and you should like a little bit different than before. Your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend surely notice all your changes and feel jealous. Moreover, your changes make your ex miss you more than previous.

Step 7: Initiate contact

After leaving your ex for a long time, talk with him or her, when the right time comes for you. And, speak warmly and polite with a smile. This will help you to remain your good points to your ex.

Step 8:  Give a text to ex

Texting to your ex is the best way to initiate contact again and give some time to respond your text.

Step 9: Make a conversation

When you begin to start a conversation, talk casually and make your ex remember all your good fond memory and events happened in the old days.

Step 10:  Show picture of your new life

Once you have contacted your ex then feel free to show your present life through pictures which also makes your ex miss you more.

Step 11: Don’t beg for attention

Give your special care to your ex during any parties and his or her birthdays. Meanwhile, don’t beg for his/her attention.

Final verdict – How to Make Your Ex Miss You

Generally, there are times will come to makes your ex feel miss you, but if you want to make it as within some period and also wants to together again, then practice and perform the above-listed steps perfectly to attain it very fast. Those steps surely change your ex’s mind and helps to realize her or him mistakes.

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