How to Make Him Miss You – 5 Killer Tricks

Is your relationship lacking the spark that it first started out with? A relationship without sparks is, let’s be honest, pretty boring. Looking at other new couples would definitely send you in an envy frenzy, and that is completely the correct reaction. Well, you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the only true way to get your relationship back on its right track is to make him crave you. This craving will drive his mind in all directions and bring back the missing passion between you two. So, let’s go on the depth on how to make him miss you with the top 5 killer tricks.

Adopting only one technique will not be enough to create that yearning in him for you. After you follow a series of steps and carry them out successfully, you will come out victorious in your mission for him to miss you.

How to Make Him Miss You

How to Make Him Miss You

Here are some tricks you can use if you want to know how to make him miss you. So, just follow these steps and take action on these. If you take action correctly then you will get your ex back for sure.

Trick 1: Limit your presence

The first thing to remember if you want to know how to make a guy miss you is not to be over-available. If you are always spending time with him, it won’t give him time to miss you, and there is a possibility of him getting annoyed with your 24/7 presence. Make sure you keep a balance between your relationship and personal life. This also means not replying to his text messages and calling immediately. Your limited availability will mean that he will miss you in your absence and crave your presence more.

Trick 2: Be a mystery

The next thing that you can do is be mysterious. Mystery attracts a man like a moth to a flame. Telling everything about your life is likely to set him off. Be mysterious and unwrap yourself bit by bit. This mystery will keep him hooked. He will also be more attentive to your conversation if you hold back and give him only certain elements of information.

Trick 3: Glam it up

One thing that is guaranteed to make him notice you is a makeover. Change something significant about you that is sure to catch his eye. Dye your hair red, wear heels that are a bit longer than your usual ones, or flaunt around in a miniskirt. Anything that will make you stand out from the crowd will increase your attractiveness and result in him wanting you.

Trick 4: Remind him of you

Dropping a few cute texts every now and then will do no harm. They will actually put a smile on his face when he’s stuck at work and stressed. Your one text can prove to be a stress reliever and not only will it make him miss you, but he will also love you even more.
Use psychology and pull a Pavlov on him. You can do this by wearing a signature scent every time you’re around him. After some time, he will start associating that scent with you and the best part? Whenever or wherever he catches a whiff of that perfume, his mind will automatically think about you, even without you being there physically. That’s the power of psychology and conditioning!
Another way to make sure that you are on his mind or he is reminded of you is to leave your things behind in his apartment such as a curler, toothbrush, a piece of jewelry, or makeup. Without you being there, he will still feel your presence when he catches a glimpse of your things sitting there on the bathroom sink or on the side table.

Trick 5: Leave him wanting more

The most important thing for you to remember is that after all the emotional missing, you need him to crave you physically too. For this, make him want more instead of giving him your all. When walking, walk extremely close to him, and brush your arms against his. Don’t make him pass the salt; instead, move in closer and get it yourself. The little instances of physical contact will result in an escalation in his desire for you and ultimately make him crave you.

Final Verdict – How to Make Him Miss You

Mystery, anticipation, scent, and surprise should be jotted down on your list of things to do to make sure your relationship does not go through a dry patch where the romance dies and sparks don’t fly when you meet each other. These foolproof tricks are promising for a passionate future with your man where he longs for your presence and misses you crazily.

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