Getting Over a Break Up To a New Beginning

Feelings of fear and uncertainty can cause us to feel like we may have made a mistake when we go through a relationship break up. Maybe we fear that we’ve made a mistake in breaking up, or if the other person broke off the relationship, we fear that we were the main reason for the break up of the relationship. The fact is, when relationships break up, there is a loss. Feeling uncertain or fearful is pretty normal, due to the unsettling nature of a relationship break up.

People find themselves asking many of the following questions. Did I do the right thing? What chance do I have of being happily married? Why did he/she end it? Am I cursed or something? That’s a big one. If I’m feeling so lousy, why is everyone else seem so happy? How will our children be impacted by our break up?

There isn’t necessarily a problem with a person having any of these thoughts and feelings. The most common challenge people face is found in their ability to accept these uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.

Let me make this clear. It’s normal to have these sort of feelings and thoughts. If you’re dealing with a relationship break up, it’s normal to feel out of sorts, and like you’re on somewhat shaky ground.

What’s important is to realize that this is a difficult period that will pass, and most importantly…you are not alone. Your experience is quite normal; it’s a common thing most people go through. You are not alone. Most people go through similar if not the same range of thoughts and feelings when they experience a relationship break up.

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In order to successfully get through a relationship break up, one needs to adjust their expectations about what they can and can’t deal with in their life. They may need to get more sleep and exercise, pay close attention to their diet and most importantly, not expect too much from themselves.

Men and women are forever hooking up, getting together and forming relationships. Just as often, those relationships break up. Men, in the short term, generally deal with the hurt associated with a breakup less successfully than women.During a breakup, men may appear to be taking things in stride, but the fact is they’ve never learned to deal with extreme emotions, especially sorrow. They feel the pain but don’t know how to deal with it. Men can apply the tips and techniques presented here to get over the pain of a breakup.

Getting Over a Break Up


Tip One: Cry if you want to

Have you ever observed that you sometimes feel like crying even when the emotion you’re feeling is positive, like your team winning the state championship? Crying is like a pressure valve for your emotions, and it’s wise to use it when the pressure gets too great. Give yourself some time to grieve over the loss of the girl you really liked. Don’t cry in pubic places but in the comfort of your own room in front of the mirror. It would really help you out. The fact is that the relationship’s truly over – grieving will help you accept that fact and move on with your life.

Tip Two: It’s over – why worry about whose fault it is?

As mentioned above, your objective now has to be to put the breakup behind you and get on with your life. Focus on that and don’t worry about anything you might have done that contributed to it – that’ll only slow down the process. Now is the time to attend to yourself and your emotional health, not accuse yourself over a relationship that’s in the past. The heartbreak you’re going through now is much like a disease – and when you’re fighting it off, you don’t go out of your way to acquire another. It is alright to feel low and depressed but try to think positive rather than negative in such situations. Look at the positive things in you so that you attract good things to your life.

Tip Three: Take help

Family and friends are a natural support group that you can lean on during this difficult time. Even if you dont want to share with them its good to just stay in their company and feel loved. This would make you feel that you have others and you would not feel lonely. The natural place to start rebuilding your life is with them – re-involve yourself with them, because you already have sound foundations there and you don’t have to start from scratch. Participate in activities with them that you all enjoy.

As the song says, “breaking up is hard to do,” but it’s something almost all of us must go through because we don’t usually find the perfect mate in the first relationship we form. Remember always to think positively. As soon as you get over the split, you can get on with your life. Once you’ve dealt with the breakup, you’ll be ready to meet that special someone who’s out there waiting for you!

It may become difficult when you are not mentally ready to part ways with your former partner. You may think to get over a break up often just happens in theory. While you become verbose about it, in the heart of your heart you still foster hopes of a reunion. You need to tell yourself that the relationship is over and that you have to start getting over it and move beyond. If you are not firm enough in your decision, you will be torn apart by your emotion and neither will you be sure that you want to get back with your previous partner nor will you be open to the idea of a new relationship.

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You need to be clear about what you want. If you think you are having difficulty getting over your old partner, try to analyze the reasons for it. Why do you think you still want to be with them and what was so good about them that you can’t move on? You have to be true to yourself while answering these questions if you are really interested in making a right decision.

Once you have the answers to the above-mentioned questions, you will exactly know where you stand and what you want. And these will be the tools to help you in getting a new brighter life. With so much of emotional turmoil within you, neither can you move on to a new relationship, nor can you let go of the past. Thus, getting over a break up becomes essential.


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