How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must chase after a girl. This has been the case since time immemorial. It is human nature. That is, unlike other animals where females do the chase, humans have it a little bit differently. Men do the chase. It gets better for humans and even interesting given that humans have the innate ability to think. So while other animals exude obvious flirting signs especially when they want to mate, humans remain hard to study. Take texting for instance. It sounds simple. Text and wait for a reply. But when it comes to texting in the name of chasing a girl, the whole issue becomes a whole different ball game.

To Stay On Top Of Your Game And Win Her Over A Text, Follow The Following Rules:

Learn the ultimate tips on how to flirt over text with your crush. If you follow the rules then you will have the CHANCE to win your crush. So, here you go.

Make It A Game – FUN!

This is simple. Do not at any point, be boring. Keep things alive and fun right from the word go. Then bear in mind that you always have any woman at ‘hi’. From then on, everything you say either brings her closer to you or pushes her further away. So think of flirting with a girl over text as a game. Men are after all, good at games. There are cheat codes that can make your work easy. Instead of texting just to say she is beautiful, texting something peculiar like, ‘you don’t smell good at all. You smell nice’. She will, of course, reply with the usual ‘thanks’. Keep it going with, ‘when do I enjoy the fragrance again?’

Remember that women are different. Some prefer hitting the nail right on its head. Know your target well. If she is that real, then, by all means, be real with her. Send a few texts and be real with your intentions. It will save you time and who knows a possible heartbreak.

Add Value

The traditional ‘Hey, what’s up girl’ kind of texts will do you more harm than good. They will, in fact, paint you as just another man. Ask yourself if you text adds any value or just stands out as yet another text in her inbox which will end up being deleted as soon as it is read. ‘I know I must have crossed your mind today’. To which she will reply with, ‘don’t be so sure’ or ‘No, you didn’t’. Be brave, go on with, ‘Well, you crossed mine. I’m here lets talk’. You may be lucky with a’ yes you did cross my mind, several times.’ To which you should reply, ‘Well, let’s see what we can do about it…’

You can, of course, think of other simple yet deep texts that stand out. Remember it is all about making her smile. From then on, your texts should make her think, ‘He really is special.’

Be Moderate

Do not spoil the fun. That is, do not over text. This rule is relative though. If you have already moved beyond the ‘knowing each other’ phase, then you can, by all means, text all night. There are so many rules here, some of which border along common sense. Avoid texting when you know she is busy at work or when you suspect she is not in the mood to chat. You can, however, the text just once or twice during the day to check on her.

Tease Her

In other words, make her laugh. You must have heard so many times before that a sense of humor can go a long way to help you win a girl. This applies when texting a girl to win her. Be careful when cracking jokes though. Avoid jokes that feature racial and political issues.

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text

Be sure to come up with a cute ‘pet’ name. This will be a step to help you come up with an inside joke which you can always use in the company of friends. Speaking of friends, find out from her friends what she likes. Avoid being obvious about this though. Do not make it so obvious to her friends that you want to flirt with one of their own.

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Ask Questions

There are things you will never know about women unless you ask. So be brave, ask what you need to know. You may not know it but being upfront can also help you to win her over within a short time. Be easy on issues that women find sensitive though. Avoid asking about her age, sex life and her stand on issues like abortion.

Build Sexual Tension

This is a delicate balancing act. On one hand, you do not want to appear and sound creepy. On another, you want to make sure that you impress her and build the tension that will eventually win her over. You also do not want to end up offending here. The thumb rules her is to text suggestive text messages only when you have gotten to a place where you are comfortable with each other. Tell her something like she looks good in whatever she wears. Gauge how she will respond. If the coast is clear, you can then proceed with ‘’I bet you look so much better in a bikini…Or a lingerie’.

Respect Boundaries

Know when to quit. She may tell you that she does not appreciate you texting her or even calling her. You can know how serious she is depending on the tone she uses to let you know that you are offending her. This is normal. You also have boundaries which you wouldn’t like when other people cross. It, therefore, makes sense to respect others when they let you know that you are offending them. In straightforward terms, know when to quit. As they say, you win some, you lose some. It is all part of the game.

Be Spontaneous – Mystery

Do not be too predictable. Text her today, then go silent tomorrow. Let her wonder what makes you busy at times. Text her when she least expects. Then as soon as you notice she likes the game, text often. Pause at some point. She has to wonder what you are up to all the time.

Know What Triggers The ‘HAPPY’

What makes her happy? This should be one of your many objectives before sending more texts? Otherwise, what’s the point of texting if you will make her sad? There is no rocket science here. Think about it this way. Her work could be stressing her out. Or she may not be feeling too well, but she is in the mood to chat. Step up as the man who brings about a light moment even in very stressful circumstances. Make her laugh. Make her appreciate everything.

Avoid Petty Talk

Do not just text for the sake of keeping in touch. This is the difference between you and younger men still in high school. But then again, do not be too serious. Come out as a guy who knows what he is doing. It pays to look organized. Have an honest opinion on current affairs. Then keep in mind that like already mentioned, avoid texting on sensitive issues that can easily bring a drift between you two.

Don’t Call Too Soon

Just when should you move from texting to calling? It all comes down to using common sense. But then again, do not call after the first 4 texts. Actually, do not call at until after week 2. The last thing you want is to come out as desperate. So save your best for last. Call once or twice after you have established a good rapport with each other.

Be A Gentleman On The Phone

Say sorry when you have to. But then again, do not seem to agree with everything she says. Keep in mind that there are proactive women out there. They will be the first one to ask you out. As a gentleman, agree to the date at first. You can then politely turn down other subsequent dates. The main aim here is to avoid being too available. Be courteous and polite when turning down a request or when asking her out.

Ask Her Out

Ask her out when you have to. You do not want to text her forever. The main objective is to build a good rapport, ask her out and eventually to date. If things go well, you can walk down the aisle. So ask her out after you are sure she won’t turn down your offer. But before this, get to know one or two things about her schedule. Then to avoid heartbreaks, always keep in mind that anything can happen. She may turn down your offer for a lunch date. Be a gentleman and always keep in mind that there will certainly be another day. Be persistently stubborn but do this politely. She should never see you or think of you as stubborn, arrogant or desperate.

Note that all the aforementioned tips are also hinged on common sense. So study your prospect. Understand how she behaves. Then text accordingly so as to avoid upsets. Remember to look good on the actual date.

Okay, now I believe you got the whole idea about the text flirting lines you should use. Use them cleverly & as we taught you. When you starting texting, always try to remember all the rules we have discussed.  If you do, I hardly believe that you will win your crush over text for sure. And don’t forget to share this post &  your opinion, thoughts, problems, suggestions with us.

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