Does My EX-Girlfriend Miss Me?

It’s been a year since the ugly break up. You remember vividly the talking at each other, how angry she made you feel and the last words you uttered to her, “We are through, don’t ever call me because I surely won’t call you. HAVE A GOOD LIFE.” Just the other day, you found your thoughts leading you back to her, the fun times the two of you had from the little games you played grinning from ear to ear. You remember with nostalgia how full your life was back then and finally come to the realization that you so much dreaded, YOU MISS HER. How ironical to think that you are the one who ended it and now you the first to want it back. “The heart wants what it wants” is the only consolation you can come up with, but you can’t call her lest you go back on your words. Besides, your ego as a man won’t allow you to even dial the first digit of her number. And now you are stuck there thinking, “Does My EX-Girlfriend Miss Me?”

Why did you two break up?

No man wants to find himself in the situation you are, but now that you are, it is inevitable that you deal with it head on. The first thing you want to figure out is the reason your ex-became your ex. When you know what led to the change in feelings between you two and the imminent breakup, you’ll be on course to answering this tough question. It all depends on how she felt about you at the time the relationship came to a halt; the probability is the same feelings she had on that day are very she’ll be carrying to this day in most cases. If it happened she felt so negatively about you that day; it is possible to change the whole narration and redeem your image as far as she’s concerned.

Who broke it up?

You need to remember who made the decision for the breakup. It could have been you, her or simply on mutual grounds. If you were the instigator, chances are that she misses you, probably because you pushed her into a decision that may not have been what she wanted. A mutual decision could also not mean that she wanted it, probably she wanted to give you what she felt you wanted, a breakup, and maybe not what she wanted. After all, the best of decisions aren’t made when extreme feelings are involved, especially those of sadness or anger. However, it gets to be tricky if she ended the relationship. This points to the fact that she knew what she wanted since the decision was exclusively hers. It is highly likely she won’t be missing you.

How long was the relationship?

Consider also the length of time your relationship had lasted. On the one hand, a relationship that had lasted a short while might not be the best of signs, probably because it could not stand the test of time. It implies that the two of you were still in the experimental stage, getting to know each other’s cups of tea, what makes you tick and what buttons not to push on each other.

One of you could have realized that you aren’t compatible with each other and that’s why it ended. On the other hand, if you had been together for years and this just happened to be the first split, it might just be a bump in the road. You probably had very valuable moments you shared that will probably bring you back together. Alternatively, if it’s at least the second break up, chances are it will end up like the first. The two of just need some little breathing space before you get back together. As they say, change is as good as a rest so you can psyche yourself that she still misses you.

Was it that ugly?

The events leading up to the breakup and the aftermath are also a good point of reference. What kind of a break up was it? Assuming it was an earthquake, what magnitude would it measure on the Richter scale? Was it a nasty breakup that involved cruel words, a lot of tears and possibly violence that left a trail of collateral damage in its wake, or was it just a calm, mutual decision ending in you two wishing each other the best in life, OF COURSE NOT IRONICALLY. The former is a tough position since nobody wants to deal with the trauma of a nasty split, whereas the latter could indicate not all love was lost and the probability of her missing you is high.

Does She Miss You

Social media

With all the social media platforms nowadays, this presents another viable source to try and figure out if your ex-does miss you. In most cases, someone who is not over their ex will try to follow up on them though from a distance. They would want to fly under the radar as they monitor their activities, not like a stalker does you should note. Social media is the best way to do this.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram just to name a few, where guys post updates, snapshots and even videos of their daily life. An ex who still misses you will involuntarily find themselves liking your posts but avoid making comments in most cases. If their relationship status has remained the same ever since you called it quits, chances are she’s not entirely over you and therefore misses you.

Examine your role in the relationship

Generally speaking, there are a few things you may use to give a definite answer that your ex definitely does not miss you. A good understanding of the female kind is required on the things ladies do not fancy about the men they consider theirs. Among them is a clingy, needy and insecure man.

This is the last thing a lady would wish on his man. It comes with unnecessary jealousy, not to mention the paranoia that is just sad to deal with. Another thing is being taken for granted and failure to appreciate them. They also do not like men who are not in control of the relationship. A man should wear the pants in any relationship, don’t expect her to do that for you. If you fall in the above bracket, it goes without saying that she surely doesn’t miss you.


The above points make a good reference to figuring out whether or not you still stand a chance with your ex. If you find yourself in such a situation, you would want to go through them. Who knows? They could be the key to rekindling that old flame of romance that just wouldn’t burn out. Now I believe you have the answer to the question that does my ex-girlfriend miss me or not.

So, let me know your opinion. I would love to hear the condition of your Love Life.

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